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Facts in the Post-Truth Era

Sat 21 September
Venue: Academy
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IAI Academy

Facts in the Post-Truth Era

Asa Wikforss.

Why do we sometimes believe what we want to believe, even when it goes against the evidence? Theoretical philosopher at Stockholm University Åsa Wikforss explores psychology, human biases, disinformation, trust and 'alternative facts' to outline her view of how we can best confront the post-truth world.


Part 1: The Problems


Why are we vulnerable to disinformation, and is it really worse today than ever before? Why are all of us prone to resist evidence and hold on to mistaken beliefs?


Part 2: What We Can Do


What can be done to stop 'knowledge resistance' ? Wikforss discusses the role of emotion, and argues that critical thinking isn't always enough to beat disinformation.

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